Alpha Omicron

University of Iowa

New Member Experience

ZTA’s Zeta Is Forever New Member Experience was designed to emphasize the values of the Fraternity. Each section of the program focuses on values found in The Creed of Zeta Tau Alpha that all Zetas should “seek” in their daily lives, including greatness, understanding, purpose, sisterhood and nobility. Zetas across the country take part in this program as new members and learn values they carry with them throughout their lives.

All first-year Zetas go through the New Member Experience, GreekLifeEdu, Initiation and two post-Initiation lessons during the same semester as Primary Recruitment.

Prior to the in-person meeting each week, new members will complete an online educational workshop regarding that week’s topic. Each workshop consists of information and activities that will assist new members in their learning of the material. The purpose of these online workshop is to allow for fewer lectures and more discussion and engagement with other new members during in-person meetings, building overall sisterhood and a connection to the Fraternity. The in-person meetings include icebreakers, a review of the online module, interactive activities and a personal reflection.

Becoming a Member

New Member Program

Your daughter will initially be known as a “New Member”. During her involvement in the New Member program, which lasts approximately 8 weeks, she will attend weekly Chapter Meetings, meetings with her new member class, study hours, and philanthropic events.  ZTA has a unique approach of mentorship which helps New Members develop strong study habits and time management skills. We believe that it is essential that students develop disciplined study habits early in their college experience and consequently have mandatory study hours (based on GPA) to establish a foundation for academic success. Special efforts would also be made to involve your daughter in campus activities to ensure that she has opportunities to develop a new network of friends within and without the sorority. During this time, your daughter will also choose an older member as a Big Sister.  This is a mentor within the chapter that will help guide your daughter through her first semester on campus in whatever she may need. Our approach to mentorship differentiates Zeta Tau Alpha from other organizations at the University of Iowa. During your daughter's time as a New Member she will be treated with respect and will not experience hazing.



At the conclusion of the New Member period, your daughter will become an Initiated member.   Your daughter will learn the secrets that bind all 200,000 initiates together in sisterhood.  Unfortunately, that is one part of ZTA she will be unable to share with you (unless, of course, you are a ZTA alumna).  Initiated members have the opportunity to play a leadership role in the day-to-day operations of ZTA.  Leadership in the chapter is like managing a small business, and there are many opportunities for personal development available to those who are willing to take the initiative.  Your daughter will also at this time choose to sign a housing contract to reserve a spot to live in our beautiful chapter house for the 2018-2019 year.